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"Great Tech Writer. Detailed and self motivated. Works well with others. Excellent graphics and computer knowledge."

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"I worked with Will on a number of projects tied into the greater Florida landscape design community. He's quick, smart, and extremely fast - and absolutely hands over top notch work.

Will has a rare abililty to clear the clutter around things, quickly get to what's important. He also simply sees things that others do not - ideas, options, solutions. Will is one very sharp guy."

Colin Anderson

Documentation Manager


"I have known Will Clark as a friend, neighbor and coworker. In both his personal and professional life, Will has a low tolerance for mediocrity. Will sets the bar very high, and does not accept “we've always done it that way” as an acceptable standard.

As a technical writer, Will has a keen eye for detail and has done much to improve the quality of his client's procedures. Will has taken on the technical nuances of the industry with aplomb. He excels in every endeavor and always strives to exceed the customer's expectations. He has also taken the extra effort of taking on extended education to hone his skills.

Will's outside achievements as an accomplished musician and screenplay writer reveal a person of many talents – not just that of an experienced and highly competent technical writer.

Gary Michaels

Communications Director

Rodney Brown, J.D.

Quality Oversight Engineer

"Will is a fantastic colleague. He works with a quiet excellence void of braggery, though his contributions are indispensable.

Will commands an impressive grasp of technical writing and an eye for detail that was crucial to our charge at GE-Hitachi. While our tasks were often slowed by speed bumps, Will was able to mediate and handle all interruptions with democracy and cool.

Will never settles for anything less than precision and excellence. I highly recommend him!"

"Quite simply, THE BEST Technical Writer I've ever had the pleasure of working with. Will completely turned around the entire department and brought it up to current standards in an unbelievably short period of time. I can't begin to tell you how fast and efficient he is, yet he doesn't sacrifice one shred of quality.

Highly skilled in all areas of his craft, more computer skills than most Systems Administrators I know, and a great ability to see the weaknesses in the system and to find the correct solution. That goes for areas outside of his job description, as well.

Will is one very intelligent and talented person."

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Daniel Pallone

Corporate Training Director

Emily McCrary

Marketing Editor

"I had the pleasure of working with Will Clark at Metavante as a technical writer. He was hired as a temporary employee to help with customized documentation from mid 2007 until early 2008.

Will jumped right into the task with very little effort or instruction. His talent and knowledge of various publishing applications helped our educational department produce state of the art job aids and recorded instructional design courses as well.

Will was given total control of the custom documentation with the bank including weekly phone conferences with them to keep the job going. He did a great job all around. Will is extremely professional and a talented person to work with. I found him to be very loyal to his work. He is always witty, and very giving to others. I highly recommend Will to any organization that is looking for a competent and talented employee.

"I had the pleasure of working with Will on a number of projects under the DOE and SRS umbrella. Will is a very bright guy was always thoroughly reliable. We had a few rush projects that needed to be done, and Will knocked those out well ahead of schedule, along with providing steady, solid support throughout. Really a great guy and a heck of a good worker."

Claudio D'Alesio

Mechanical Engineer

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"Will has handled a number of projects that went through my department, and did so quickly, efficiently, in depth - and saw his work through to the end. He does his job very well."

Russell Bastyr

Quality Director

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"Will was a great co-worker. He's endlessly detailed in his work, precise, efficient, and always timely. Great guy to have on your team."

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Tom Conty

Senior Planner

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Senior Technical Writer