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   As the son of an English teacher, writing, editing, layout, and the presentation of critical information has always come naturally to me. 
When I began my career path, it was immediately evident to my employers that I had an easy aptitude in these areas. 

  I worked my way up through my profession in different industries. I have experience in program/ project management and quality assurance, with mass transportation systems, in international academia, with nuclear energy, nuclear engineering and nuclear research, with assembly-line machinery, with software in the banking/financial sector, in architecture, electrical product distribution, law and public relations, the vitamin/supplement industry, and several different online merchandisers.

   With freelance projects, I’ve done research, press releases and speech writing for local and State-level politicians and legal firms, website writing and design for several online companies, regional organizations, and medical groups, database and design work for a large, regional restaurant chain, and marketing, website, logo, ad and packaging design and writing for a Colorado brewing company. My experience has proven that I am immediately adaptable to any industry, its inherent language, and its demands of the highest quality of effective communication and documentation.

   In every position I have held, I’ve created positive and improved change, and I have a reputation as a true professional in my field.  I am punctual, conscientious, and considerate.  I bring quality ideas to my work, and I adapt readily to change.  I maintain steadiness through the most hectic situations, and I have never missed, or even compromised a deadline in my career.

   I am always interested in collaborating with those whose prime objectives are quality and effectiveness.

*Q Clearance
- TS/SCI, QX, CNWDI Equivalent / Eligible